The MEV HUMMER HX is the only proportionaly correct licenced cart. Design has been detailed throughout, from signature MEV HUMMER louver grille, custom wheels, door sills, styled seats and floor mats.The vehicle is avalaible from 2, 4 or 6 seater configurations.

The MEV Hummer HX has been manuafactured to the highest standard in the market. It is build on a robust lightlight chassis, machanical parts. Unlike  any other electrical cart in this category the MEV HUMMER is fitted with adaptive rear drums and hydraulic front discs brakes for optimum stopping power.


Price POA
Engine 72v drive system 9 x 8v Trojan™ Batteries. AC Brush-less Motor & Curtis™ Controller. On board Delta-Q™ Multi-Region Charge System
Acceleration Range standard up to 40 miles / 65 kilometers. Range lithium up to 80 miles / 130 kilometers
Brakes and Tyres
Brakes Braking Distance 8ft (at 15mph)
Overall Size 3000x1480x1450
Wheelbase 2 128mm
Seating and Restraints
Seating Two Seat capacity
Restraints Seat-belts
Color Options
Optional Colors Metallic Burnt Orange, Metallic Blue, Metallic Black, Flat White, Flat Red

HX Brochures

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Hummer HX

Hummer HX Specifications Brochure 2013

12th Jun 2014 Download