Alke XT

Alke XT electric vehicles are type approved at Europen level (N1 category) and capable of great performance. A futuristic design, best state of the art technical solutions and 12 years of Alkè experience as first mover on / off-road electric vehicles bring this new range of vehicles to absolute excellence.

XT420E and XT420EL are the strongest XT models and they have permanent 4WD, triple differential, reduced mechanical gear, central and rear differential lockers.

Permanent 4WD drive

Triple differential

Double differential lock


The smaller brothers XT320E and XT320EL with rear drive retain many characteristics of models XT420E/EL and they are perfect for urban or mixed routes.


On all XT models, a perfect riding comfort and maximum stability are provided by independent and adjustable air suspension with on board compressor, by the electric power steering and by the electronic stability control system that acts as preventative safety system before the vehicle loses grip. Such system sets the motor’s acceleration and, if necessary,

activates the regenerative brake to control the attitude of the vehicle.

Air suspension

Electric power steering

Electronic stability control


Inside the cabin with heating and air conditioning * all functions are monitored on the large 7” digital display present at the centre of the dashboard (over 40 functions shown). From the dashboard can be selected in real time the entire vehicle settings to suit the working conditions required (economy setting, sport, climbing, towing).


The driving position is excellent and ergonomically designed for even the tallest users (1.90 - 2.00 m tall). Remote controlled central locking, electric windows, radio with CD/MP3 player, storage compartment and 12V socket complete the already large number of accessories for this vehicle.


(*) optional accessories

Air conditioning

Display with more then 40 functions

Adjustable performance settings


Alkè XT series has two different wheelbases with different lengths for the cargo floor of 220 cm (“E” models) or 270 cm (“EL” models).The carrying capacities for these vehicles: up to 1.300 kg on chassis (1.045 kg on cargo platform) and up to 4.000 kg on tow (1.500 kg homologated).


Under optimal conditions of usage the maximum speed is almost 60 km/h and the autonomy with 26kWh batteries can be up to 140 km. As regards to the batteries it is possible to choose between the 18kWh lead-acid solution which provide a long service life (up to 1500 cycles) or maintenance-free 13kWh or 26kWh pure-lead solutions which maintain excellent performance even in the presence of very low temperatures (-20°C) usually critical for conventional batteries.


1.300 kg max load (chassis)

4.000 kg tow capacity

Up to 140 km autonomy


XT vehicles have been designed with a system that enables performance recording and remote diagnosis* for the detection of possible problems on electronic parts of the vehicle (motor, batteries, battery charger, controller, electrical system, auxiliary devices, etc.). LED daytime headlight technology drastically increases the autonomy of these vehicles.


There are various load configurations available: chassis version, flat cargo bed, cargo bed with drop sides, with steel mesh sides, with three sides electro-hydraulic tipping, aluminium waste collection body without or with bin lift system, body tarp and box van with 2 shutters on sides.


Specific customisations are available for large fleets.

Remote diagnosis

Lights with LED technology

Wide range of options