Hajadu Buggy converted to race off road in Central Africa

The pictures below is a Hajadu FK800 buggy, that has been converted to be used in off road racing in Kenya, and has done so for the past two years!


Secma range of vehicles launched in Africa

Toyscom will be the sole distributor of SECMA in Africa. Contact for a test drive, or phone 083 274 7390.


GSMoon tested by Tuinroete'sMotors page

Another test report by independant journalist on the capability of the GSMoon, also see the comments on the second page of the 4x4 expert and his opinion. Another reason why the GSMoon is an outstanding vehicle, and should be parked at your front door! The best 4x4 in Africa by very FAR!!!!

Toyscom launches the all new Hummer golf and resort cart

Toyscom, has been appointed as the exclusive Distributor for the African continent of the MEV vehicle range, an offcially licensed GM product.