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South Africans view camping almost as a “religion” and it is engrained in our genetic make-up. The combination of perfect weather, breath-taking nature, diverse eco-systems- and geography, multi-cultural “rainbow” people and competitive exchange rate (for overseas tourist), makes camping the most socially oriented accommodation. So, if you want to explore our country and have a true South African experience the, Motorhome camping is the only way.


Vista Motorhomes lends its outstanding motorhomes, its dual pick-up/ drop off location, and its leading international airports at OR Tambo - Johannesburg or Cape Town to motorhome hire of the more extended parts of Southern Africa. Camping in general and now more recently, Motorhome holidays are truly a big part of the South African lifestyle. Nothing unlocks the continent of Africa like a motorhome-sweet- home. Unpack just once and waste no time exploring! We're here to make it happen for you. We are specialists in booking motorhomes rentals. We offer highly competitive prices and the best service.


So many well-marked campgrounds dot the South African landscape that finding them is usually a no-brainer. Look for the international camping sign: either a "C" with a tent superimposed or else a stylized trailer/ caravan. As such, organized campgrounds in South Africa are good places to experience true South African hospitality.


South African camps usually itemize fees — charging for each person, tent, vehicle and trailer. Campgrounds are rated on a four-star scale; and apart from the basics, four-star operations are likely to provide several of the following: Laundromat, grocery store, restaurant, bar, disco, swimming pool, water slide, sauna, tennis courts, fitness facilities, miniature golf course, horseback riding, a library, nearby golf courses, game viewing and a playground.

Absolutely great for kids! Unless you plan to rent one of these, don't worry about reservations: campgrounds are never "full"; the operators will pack you in if need be. Nothing creates a true South African atmosphere like a wood fire. Most campgrounds offer a dedicated fireplace at your stand and will even deliver wood to your doorstep with prior arrangement.

Even though your Vista’s are all fully equipped, campsites always have ablution facilities and offer basic amenities to make your experience a truly remarkable one.

Most motorhomes have chemical toilets with detachable cassettes designed to be emptied in special receptacles — called "Chem WC" units — not yet available at most campgrounds, but the unit can be emptied into a regular toilet. The chemicals used, are of “green design” and will in no way harm natural bacteria in the sewerage systems.


There are many places to see, people to meet and a whole new adventure awaits.


Don’t delay make your booking now! Due to the exclusivity of our service and quality of our motorhomes, advance bookings are essential. Let us know if we can assist with an itinerary to help you discover the biggest wonder under the Southern Cross.


We eagerly await to meet you.

Available Models

The Vista 3 is a luxury-specification, full-feature motorhome in a compact package.

The Vista 6 is the stunning new motorhome from Vista Motorhomes.